skin whiteningHaving a whiter skin is usually considered high class or hints at aristocracy. Bleaching of the skin goes back thousands of years, centuries even. Highborn ladies and gentlemen never allowed the sun to touch their skin, including their hands. If a woman got any color (from the sun) on her skin, she was usually considered low class. Highborn ladies had milk white skin and kept it that way by never going outdoors without a parasol (small umbrella), wide brimmed hats and gloves. Only peasants (the poor) had color (a tan).

These days, it’s far easier to keep your skin pale than having to wear layers of clothes, carry umbrellas around and where gloves in summer. It simply a case of wearing sunglasses, wide hats and sunscreen when you go outdoors. If, on the other hand, you already have a tan and you want to whitening your skin, the degree of difficulty will depend on a few factors. Continue reading

text to get ex backWhen you’re in the dating game, they really is nothing worse than being dumped. This is true for most women, but believe it or not, guys suffer from being dumped as well. While guys might not necessarily show their true feelings, a lot of the time, they also feel devastated, crushed and heartbroken. A lot of the time, the person who was dumped was not really for the end of their relationship, and usually feel quite strongly that the person that just dump them is the one person that they really and truly love.

There are a lot of ways to go about trying to get your ex back, it’s just a question of figuring out which works the best for you and which one you feel more comfortable with. Believe it or not, using text messaging is actually quite a popular method of chronic it expect. To the question is, what are the best methods to utilize in order to get your ex back. And this of course includes, how text messages can help get your ex back. Continue reading

soda versus water weightlossWhen it comes to looking for a weight loss program, there are certain things that you should be aware of as well as look for. Weight loss program might look great on the surface, but they might be something that doesn’t necessarily fall under “healthy” or even “safe”. When browsing a review on the fat loss factor we found a perfect example.

Fortunately, in the case of the fat loss factor program, it easy enough to simply skip over or ignore this particular step in the program. In this case, this step in question is the Master Cleanse. Unfortunately, not all programs will be as easy to “hack” without jeopardizing weight loss. If you find that the program that you were interested in contains an element that does not sit well with you or you find questionable, and it is impossible to simply “skip over” that particular element without rendering the program useless, it’s best to simply forget about it and move on.

If you discover that you can’t find a weight loss program that a good fit for you, then there are a lot of easy things you can do (other than exercise) to help you lose weight and look great. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Continue reading

cinnamon-house-lobbyEveryone has had that moment, where life just slows down enough for you to admit you need a break.  You just want to get away from everything, from the constant on the go feeling, to the bustle of a city.  It’s time to plan a holiday trip and anywhere would be better than where you’re at.  But it’s not really that simple is it?  There’s so many places to consider, and how much time you really have to devote to your holiday, and what sort of budget you’re working with. Do you want to stay in a high rise hotel, or do you want a bed and breakfast?  How about sights, are you planning to go see any of them?  What sorts of things interest you and are they in abundance there?  Finding the perfect place takes some planning, but it is well worth the effort.

It is the polar opposite of the hectic pace of city life; calm, relaxed, carefree and liberating. There is nothing that feels more inspiring than being somewhere remote, yet wrapped in luxury, and able to enjoy things you just can’t get anywhere else. Things like: horseback riding, bird watching, enjoying spas and hiking.  It completely refreshes the soul, and allows you to return home feeling completely rejuvenated. Though the hotel is set away from busy city life, it still offers every amenity you need or could want while away from home.  Living in the suburbs while on holiday could never be more comfortable. Continue reading

naturesvally-wilderness If you are thinking of South Africa Holidays, you have many fine selections in which to choose. Many people come to the Western Cape at Wilderness, South Africa. There are some excellent Wilderness accommodation facilities and many good things to see and do. Here are just some of the activities that await you at Wilderness.

Garden Route National Park is a huge attraction in the Wilderness area. It contains all kinds of good things. In fact, the former Wilderness National Park and Tsitsikamma National Park represent one enormous area. This region (Garden Route) spans the Western and Eastern Cape for fifty miles (80 kilometers) and is a protected reserve.

Tsitsikamma roughly translated means “area of many waters”. Within this park one will find Nature’s Valley. This area contains all kinds of trails, along with lovely beaches and hills. One can sail or canoe from the lagoon area or simply take a walk on the beach.

Hikers come from all over the world to experience the famous five day trail called Otter Trail. The trail gets its name from the local otter population and begins at the Storms River Mouth area and runs to Nature’s Valley. It will take five days to travel the trail and one will experience scenery and sights that are too magnificent or put into words. You will traverse beaches, mountains along the coast, and forested area.
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natural-green-energyOver the past year or so, a book has taken the world by storm called Earth4energy. It is a DIY user’s manual for building devices that will generate free power for your home. This book will save you a whole load of money in power bills every month. It is illustrated and has step by step instructions on how to put together a solar panel or wind turbine. It is a great innovation that will help save you money and the earth.

The book is 73 pages worth of money saving brilliance and was written by a guy by the name of Michael Harvey. He has included video lessons that is literally do what you see, or follow along. This is one of those brain children that actually work out for the user and the planet, why not save a buck where you can?

You may be saving money once you have your panels or turbines up and running, but it is also money well spent and you will see returns within a year of building and use. This book goes into a great deal of detail on exactly how to build a home use solar panel and wind turbine for producing your own private source of power for your home. The whole package deal is well presented and is simply to understand and follow the instructions, despite it going into so much detail. It is written in plain English, with no technical gobbledygook to confuse you, and this makes it one of the best ways to economize your life. Continue reading

eat-stop-eat-resultsEat Stop Eat is exactly what it sounds like; intermittent fasting, or in even plainer terms, not eating at all for a day or two at a time every week. This eating style is not a new concept and has been around for thousands of years. It is used for many different reasons, for example, religious reasons, weight loss being the most obvious, health reasons and others. Now you might be thinking why in the blue blazes would you want to stop eating for twenty four hours or more at all? Is it do-able comfortably? Is it even safe to do? Ok, these are all fair questions, so let’s answer them for you then.

Why do it? Well, eat stop eat results speak for themself and as mentioned some do it for religious reasons. Think of the Muslims. They fast all the time. It’s part of their religion to do it at certain times for a certain length of time. Ghandi fasted and it’s even mentioned in the Bible…Job. Remember him? He fasted for religious reasons too. So it is actually documented going back thousands of years.

Is it do-able comfortably? Yes it’s do-able. Comfortably? At first, no. Hey I’m being honest here with you. It is a difficult thing to master at first, especially since we have been programmed to eat at certain times every single day of our lives. It’s the way we were all raised. This is modern society. We must eat at least three square meals a day to stay alive and healthy. Right? Wrong. I just said it…modern society dictates we live a certain way, and that includes the way we eat. It’s a fact. Eventually and with patience and practice, it does actually become almost effortless.

Is it safe? Well now if I’m going to 100% honest here, I have to say yes and no. It’s like this; some believe that not eating for 24 to 48 hours every week is an unhealthy and unsafe thing to do because our bodies need fuel. True, but can a car “run on fumes”? Yes. Can the human body? Yes. They also believe that NOT eating causes weight gain. Again this is true up to a point, but we will get into that later. Ok then so why do some think it is unsafe? It’s a matter of perspective. Some believe that by starving the body for that long will cause damage to the cells, muscle tone, digestive system and possible bowl. This isn’t entirely true. If done wrong or abused, then yes, all of these things can go wrong. On the other hand, if done right and in a controlled manner, it has its benefits. It can help get weight under control; help control some illnesses like diabetes and cholesterol. Continue reading

Adonis-formHaving the perfect body is what most men want but seldom know how to achieve. The Adonis golden ratio review will give you a great overview and feedback on the system so that might be an awesome place to get some insight on how to get the body you always wanted.

Now 99.9% of anyone reading this has no clue what the heck I am on about. This all sounds like a load of hogwash and hot air again, right? But wait a minute and see it through. Let me at least explain what the golden ratio is. So don’t run away just yet.

So the golden ratio is basically the measurement between a man’s shoulders to his waist. This illustrates the perfect and visually appealing look of the male body. The “V” shape, if you will. Perfect symmetry. If that doesn’t help, then think about the male underwear models and what they look like. That’s the golden ration personified. David Beckham is a prime example. Continue reading

Perfect-BodyObesity is fast becoming the “norm” for most women worldwide. America was the fattest nation on earth. They have some very close competitors now with the UK seeing a disturbing upward spike of 24% in the last 30 years, which make the UK the fattest country in Europe! It is a horrifying trend and finally people, especially women are starting to take some kind of action to stop gaining and lose the weight. In the 80’s Jane Fonda made it fun to work out and possible to do so in your own home. Today there are literally hundreds of home workout systems with DVD instructions and progress charts and even eating plans included, but women are too lazy to do the work. We eat rubbish like MacDonald’s and Burger King and KFC on a daily basis clogging up our arteries and our bodies with fat, fat and more fat, and go to the gym to walk the treadmill for 20 minutes a week and wonder why we are still so fat. The answer is LAZINESS. But there is hope for our fat butts yet.

There is one very important thing regarding weight loss for women when compared to men. Men lose weight faster and easier than us because they have testosterone. This burns fat at an incredible rate, but we are not about to go inject the stuff now just to lose weight, because we have a hormone called Leptin. This is the reason why we battle to lose the bulge. Men have it too, but we have more of it, twice as much. The problem is that if our Leptin levels are low our metabolic rate drops through the floor. This hormone controls 100% of our body’s ability to burn excess fat. More details on Leptin and what it does (or not do) for weight loss later. What you do need to know is that there is a solution to our fat loss issues. It’s called the Venus Factor.

The Venus factor review has all you will need to know to get you on the right track to effective weight loss, with some awesome results. It focuses on the key factors as to why women struggle to lose weight and actually provides a solution for long term weight loss and especially for that belly fat. Continue reading

Zwei junge Frauen im Cafe beim telefonierenThere are guys that have the gift of the gab with women, and there are those who prefer to hide from women for fear of rejection simply because they cannot talk to women. Well, if you are one of the later, then this is the article for you. By reading up on this topic, not only will you learn a thing or two, but your confidence levels will be raised.

I am talking about magnetic messaging. Unbelievably, “texting” (or SMS) has actually been around now since 1933, however the very first “real” text message ever sent was by a guy called Niel Papworth in the U.K. on 12 December 1992 using a computer to send it to the receiver who was using a hand held Vodaphone network system. The receiver of this message was Richard Jarvis. His message read “Merry Christmas”. Originally this system was meant for business purposes only, but as we all know, it didn’t quite work out that way. Interesting facts, yes, but this is just to illustrate just how long this service has been around, and now you can you can learn how to utilize it for your own personal gain…flirting with and picking up women, possibly even getting a long term girlfriend, if that’s what you want. So, again, if you are the kind of guy that seems to never have the courage to simply walk up to a girl and chat with her or get her number, then this is the program for you.

The guy who invented this system is called Bobby Rio. He wrote the book, literally, on how to become an awesome PUA. He learned from the best; Rob Judge is one of the best PUA’s around. PUA stands for “Pick-Up Artist”, in case you were wondering. Rob devised a system called the “Keylock Sequence”, which he claims will allow you to get any woman you want by making her feel good and comfortable with you, possibly even leading to the bedroom, so he claims. But in order to find out how he does this, well, you will need to read the book. What I can do is give you some tips and advice here and now that will at least get you started in the right direction. Continue reading

acnetreatAcne is a medical condition that is widespread amongst people living in the world. Hormones are commonly responsible for the acne that develops in young people as the condition starts with puberty, although acne does not discriminate who it decides to inflict, and there are no signals for who will develop acne.

Acne develops due to the over stimulation of the sebaceous glands that control how much oil they produce. Alas, acne often does not disappear at the end of puberty and it can continue well into adulthood. There are many creams and potions that say they can help with acne, although there appears to be few treatment programs available that actually will cure acne. One of these programs is acne no more. It is a natural skin care regime program that has shown success in being able to completely eliminate the different forms of acne.

When you have acne it means that there is extra sebum that is produced in your body, which travels up the hair follicle where it mixes with bacteria and dead skin cells. This results in the clogging up of the skin follicles which causes acne. Bacteria is the real problem for acne sufferers as it is difficult to keep under control and eliminate completely. The result of this is inflammation of the skin areas and the resulting pain and discomfort that is felt from the red swollen acne areas of the skin

Different form of acne spots

A Comedone is simply an enlarged hair follicle that is clogged up with dead skin cells and bacteria.  This is where the acne starts from, and these can get either larger or they can burst where  they cause the appearance of whiteheads, blackheads, papules, nodules or cysts. None of these types of spots are pleasant and are not easy to treat or get rid of. Continue reading

You have done it all. Atkins diet, soup diet, fruit diet, you name it, you did it and still you can’t lose weight, and maybe even gain a few extra kilo. So why don’t these diets work? Are you doing something wrong or are you simply destined to be fat for the rest of your life? In this article we will be exploring some of the main reasons why diets fail and how to lose weight fast.

First of all, diets fail simply because they are diets. WHAT?!? Let me explain further.

What exactly IS a diet? Well, the term diet implies exclusion of certain food groups for a period of time in order to lose weight. This we all know, but right there, that is exactly why diets fail; the exclusion of certain foods…When we remove certain food groups from our daily meals, we are taking away some of the essential nutrients and food properties we need to sustain a healthy body. Most of the time we exclude grains like bread. Bread is fattening yes, but it plays an important role to keep us “working right”. Removing white bread is a step up, but replace it with whole wheat and whole grain bread instead. The fibre is what keeps you regular and healthy.

Other foods we like to exclude are pasta, fats and sugars. Again, not eating them will make you lose weight, but what are you missing when you don’t consume these foods? You start craving things that are really unhealthy and even worse, over-eating. Ever heard the phrase “everything in moderation”? Well take that to heart. Fats and sugars, when eaten in small amounts, (unrefined sugar, not white sugar and plant oils and not animal fat) help keep those fast food cravings at bay.  Try using organic sugar in your coffee in the morning and use olive oil and canola oil instead of the unhealthier kinds. It makes a huge difference.

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the-art-of-seductionThe Tao of Badass PDF is essentially a “training manual” for the average guy who constantly strikes out with women, and basically has no real social skills whatsoever. It uses the step by step method to men on how to build their confidence and make the right moves when interacting with women. It challenges men to get a grip on their inner fears and how to achieve this. Without the confidence, the game is lost anyway, so Tao of Badass is a great tool for men with little or no confidence, which will put them ahead of the game. It also explains the personality types of men which will put then one step ahead of the competition when it comes to gaining the attention of a lady at a party or at a club. It gives guys an edge over the other men when he can identify what personality he is up against and work with it, instead of simply “rolling over” and giving up before he’s even started.

The Tao of Badass PDF is meant to teach men to look at men through the eyes of a woman and understand why they react the way they do when men do or say certain things. How are you supposed to learn how to be more attractive to a woman if you have no clue how a woman sees you? Naturally, you won’t and this is where The TAO of Badass comes in. You will notice it spends a lot of time trying to help guys understand how women see men by highlighting all the things women find attractive and what they find repulsive and a outright turn off. Once you become aware of what women like what makes you stand out to a woman, you can then take steps to learn these crucial traits and make them your own.

This book offers a ton of helpful hints and tips and some insider knowledge on how to properly and confidently approach a woman, any woman. This is unfortunately the first step; YOU have to approach her. She will not approach you. Sorry dude, but that’s just the way it is. Oh and by the way, you have to know how to make “The Approach”, because no matter how many women you approach, you won’t be successful if you do it the wrong way!

There is a lot of conflicting and massively contradictory advice out there in the dating industry for those searching for some help. There are also a lot of scammers and downright jerks (I want to call them what they really are, but trying to be civil here) who will punt their eBooks and video advice to the unsuspecting guy who really just wants to learn how to not be a complete dumbass around women, so be careful when doing your research. Its guys like that that gives people like Josh Pillicer who put together The Tao of Badass a bad rep. Badass TAO Review gives an unbiased opinion on the validity of this popular technique.

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panic-help-zoneFew truly understand what it is like to suffer with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and though our closest friends and family can listen, and try to support us, they don’t feel the pressure, they don’t feel as though they can’t breathe, or like their heart has taken off like a hummingbird.

Luckily, this is not something that is rare, and thanks to brilliant minds of the time, more awareness has led to new methods in dealing with this.   There are places online you can read Panic Away reviews, a program developed by a long time anxiety sufferer Barry MacDonagh.

Like many of us, he did not like the more traditional approaches, where we’re simply given a bandage to cover a wound that just refuses to close.  Pills aren’t a great solution, neither is hypnosis or therapy, they help treat symptoms but they do little to help the cause.  Our causes can be legion, because we have all lived different lives.  No one person can truly understand what we have been through and what has made us who we are today except ourselves.   Due to this, nobody is more qualified to help us than we are on our own.  We know our minds, but we may not recognize the potential locked away up there.

The human mind is still misunderstood, the parts we do know about still sound like science fiction in the ways they work, and we don’t yet have answers for why we still only use a small percentage of our entire brains either.   The saying “mind over matter” has caused many to roll their eyes in frustration, thinking that there’s no way that the brain has that much power, to physically manifest things of your own desires.   Perhaps you need to see the proof.

Reading the reviews, forum posts and all the people who have been completely changed simply by learning how to handle their own anxiety and beat it away for good is life affirming, and inspiring.  There’s nothing that speaks for itself better than seeing results for yourself, applying the wisdom of the author and the others who have been helped and watching how your perceptions will change.
You don’t have to lose friendships, opportunities, jobs, or relationships because of anxiety anymore, you can have a freedom you may only remember having had as a child.  Continue reading


meat_acidic_dietIt seems people are eager to jump on the next best thing to come along during any popular diet phase, the trouble is… the results just don’t stay (if they ever worked at all.)  Finding the jewel among the rubble can be difficult when people want to believe so much in what they have invested time and sometimes money into.  This time, the diet that has come up in conversation so much is the alkaline diet plan and unlike many that have come before it, the roots are based heavily in solid nutritonal facts.

Also unlike the previous diets promoted heavily, this one doesn’t promise simple weight loss.  That may happen as a side effect of a healthier way of life, but it is far from the only reason to switch to this way of living.  Yes, the alkaline diet is less a diet, and more a change in what you eat, and how you live, making this a total lifestyle transformation that is surprisingly easy to manage.

If you are suffering from a lack of energy, frequent colds or flu, sinus issues, anxiety, nervousness, irritability, polycystosis, frequent headaches or kidney stones, the information you can glean from learning about this lifestlye is a veritable gold mine.  You can reverse things you may be taking medicine to try to prevent symptoms of, and say goodbye to the medicine’s side effects as well.

Our blood is naturally slightly alkaline.  A normal Ph level falls between 7.35 and 7.45.  Our diet should reflect the natural balance in our own bodies, but the trouble is in what we eat on a regular basis.  Most grains, fish, meats, poultry, shellfish, cheese and salts produce high acid levels and should be avoided in favor of fresh fruits and vegetables that are super alkaline producers.  It has been a constant decline in our health with the advent of agriculture and processed convenient foods that have driven our body into unhealthy receptacles unable to fight off even a simple seasonal cold. Continue reading